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Welcome to Peter Stanley. We provide you with all you need to know about Peter Stanley and his lifestyle. We detail his writing sojourn and the several books that he contributed to.

Peter Stanley had a wholesome life and we have carefully documented it all on our page. If you are curious about the various disciplines that the scholar participated in, this is the right place for you to look.

Asides from books, there are also many interesting things about the life of Peter that many documentations have missed out on. We keenly research all of this and properly document them to ensure anyone can access the story and journey of this man.

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Here, we provide information on all that is needed to be known about Peter Stanley. He is an award-winning writer and historian born in Liverpool, UK. But relocated to Australia with his family 10 years later. 

He is a well-known academic that has work experience as a History Professor in most of Australia’s best universities. He has been jointly awarded a nationally notable prize. This being the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History.

Stanley does not just keep plaques, he also has twenty-five books published in his name. He is an ingeniously curious being whose work experience projects just about these same lovely qualities in him.

At first, he began as a secondary school teacher. In 1980, he became a worker at Australian War Memorial – thereby, a public servant. His work there exposed him to a lot of other things that shaped his total career – thanks to his long stay there which ended in 2007.

He headed the Memorial’s Historical Research Section before he became a Principal Historian at the place in 1998. After leaving the place, he was also the Inaugural Head at the National Museum of Australia’s Research Centre between 2007 and 2013.

Many books and articles have been published on his account. And many others are influenced by him – either directly or otherwise. He is presently Australia’s writer known to be the most prolific. This is in particular regard to his writings which centre around the Great War. Considering that, the war was a pivotal part of Australian history, it was quite easy for him to make headway in the writing industry.

In temporary exhibitions and history art galleries that are in Australian War Memorial, Peter has contributed to their content in one way or the other. He has also worked as a television or film commentator who has delivered an armful of impromptu commentaries. Many of the people that listen to commentaries on Anzac Day would have heard him spoken in one television station or the other.

Suppose you have been looking for a community where you can find all detailed analysis about Peter Stanley’s Lost Boys of Anzac, Digger Smith, Simpson’s Donkeys, Men of Mont St Quentin, Bad Characters, Invading Australia, Borneo, 1945, A Stout Pair of Boots or Commando to Colditz. Then, you are in the right place for that. As such, any reader interested in knowing more about Peter Stanley and his books can reach out to us.